Logbook : Storyline of Chapter 6 not showing up

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Logbook : Storyline of Chapter 6 not showing up

Post#1 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:38 pm


It seems that the logbook storyline of chapter 6 didn't showed up eventhough I already in the middle of chapter 6 (searching for Artur). I was confused at first as to how the logbook didn't update with the storyline eventhough I already passed the scene where Leroux went to the infirmary.

Here is the logbook of the missing chapter 6 : http://imgur.com/jGQHNdp

Here is the proof of where I'm already at : http://imgur.com/0EP1crL

To note (maybe it could help to the devs), I'm not entirely sure but I remember that I didn't even saw the black screen transition from chapter 5 to chapter 6 either. Though I couldn't confirm it by myself cause I don't have the save file before that scene.

edit : I already reached chapter 7 and chapter 7 showed up on the logbook screen. So it seems that only chapter 6 that didn't showed up.

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