General questions about the game.

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General questions about the game.

Post#1 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:17 am

Okay so I don't know that the developers can answer all questions for fear of spoiling the game, but I wanted to make a thread for people to post general questions about the games. So here's my initial questions;

1. So if the game is being made in three parts, say you make a certain choice in Part 1, will that choice carry over into part 2 also?
When part 2 comes out, is it intended that you will load your part 1 save data?

2. Can character's permanently die? I noticed blood counters in the most recent test build, but I didn't get to zero so I was wondering if they temporarily become unusable or if they die when you get to zero counters.

I'll post more questions if I think of any. Thanks for setting up these forums for us!

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Re: General questions about the game.

Post#2 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:16 am

Hey Carlo,

Some choices carry over, some don't and will affect the story only in short-term. Which one is which, however, shall remain a secret for now ;)

Our plan is to make part 2 somewhat detached from part 1, but continuous at the same time. New players can pick up the series from the middle, but will benefit from better understanding and features if they start from the beginning. Perhaps it's best to be compared to how Mass Effect 2 and 3 interacts with the original Mass Effect.

Playable characters can't permanently die. At least, not for this first part of the game. Those wound counters affect your character's Max HP, which will diminish as you accumulate more wounds.

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