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Greetings to you, new members of the community!

This forum is created and directly monitored by crews of the Ekuator Games team. If you see any purple names, that would be us.

Cadiguno is the team's leader, in charge of the behind-the-scenes administrative stuffs, overseeing illustrations and animations, co-writing the storyline and directing the in-game events, and keeps the team sticking together.

adrbenn is the game designer for Celestian Tales: Old North, conducting numerous number crunches for character advancements and combat mechanics, taking care of all the game's sounds from BGM to SFX, and brings us food from time to time.

nathalia is the team's sprite artist. She makes all the bases for the characters' and enemies' walking and combat animations, designed the user interface, and is a patient ear to other members' rants.

desaputro is responsible for programming the game's battle system, applying the combat designs, and creating the editor to put in combat animations and effects.

Ray works on the game's exploration system, creating the events' editors, quest triggers, maps' collisions, as well as applying the user interface and input controls.

More of us will join soon! We hope to communicate closely and transparently through this forum, and wish you a happy stay ;)

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