Reporting sprite/collision/text bugs

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Reporting sprite/collision/text bugs

Post#1 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:01 am


Thanks for the awesome game. During my first playthrough I found the following bugs, I'm using the steam version says 1.0.9 at beginning, using Windows 7 64bits, 1920x1080 AMD Rad R9 200, IntelCore I7.

All pics are from Aria's playthrough
These 3 pics are from Orsea's top left most houses, walking through sprites, I noticed them since after hanging the thieves and they are still present on ch7

Moncalm, same thing with barrel sprite, while the army occupies the town

This one is from Granoble on chapter 7, walking on the wall and door.
also in Granoble chapter 7 if you come after your party as disbanded, Cammile will still stop you from entering further in Granoble.

The needle, minor but still, theres a blue line to the right of the screen.

Error in the text, Yli says "shouldnt we should try", this is when artur run away and we go look for him on whiterock hill.

Appart from those I noticed some lag between some scenes a couple of times, the first one I encountered was right at the start of Aria's campaing, the church image loads first then goes back to black screen fast and then the scene loaded. It is really quick so taking a picture of it is kinda hard.

Let me know if you need more details.

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