A confusion in chapter 5

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A confusion in chapter 5

Post#1 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:09 am

Hi to the devs or someone else had this confusion as well,
I don't know if its an event as well in the game, but in Chapter 5 after Alain told us to go check Astori's house in mudtown, I tried to talk to him again and there's option came out about wether you want talk about Daniel Ryne or not.
Like in here : http://imgur.com/VaIdbIk

I choose the option to talk about him and later Alain told us that if u want to meet him you should go to Granoble.
Like in here : http://imgur.com/zSj2Iz7

Then I went to Granoble to found nothing. So I'm confused is Daniel supposed to be in Granoble and we can meet him or was Alain talk about Daniel just to give clue on what he was doing meeting with Alain? Though having the 'options' there and Alain told us to go see him if we want to, so I guess its an event as well?
A confirmation from the devs would be appreciated thank you :)

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Re: A confusion in chapter 5

Post#2 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:22 pm

Hey there,

Alain's dialogue was meant to give a clue on what the two of them were doing. Daniel isn't actually there in Granoble. Sorry that this causes a confusion, I've patched it in Steam just now. Thanks for spotting this and for playing our game! ;)

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