Chapter 6 eternal darkness bug, Severin's tent

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Chapter 6 eternal darkness bug, Severin's tent

Post#1 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:33 pm

So first off I'm running on Windows XP (Yeah I know its old). And bought the game from with the latest patch. So I have been restarting from chapter 3-5 in hopes in getting this bug fix but it won't come off, so after leaving Severin's tent it just turn to black . Main character is Cammy by the way. Have already sent the game save file here . Any members have comments or solutions? ;)
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Re: Chapter 6 eternal darkness bug, Severin's tent

Post#2 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:56 pm

Thanks with the latest patch I finally got the ending (although my controller was disabled, A and B and Item buttons not working)

What I got from the ending from playing Cammile (IN THEORY)

1. Daniel is the father of the baby
2. Most likely the 2 noble factions of Aria's and Cammile are working together to get to the throne (notice that two of them in the background)
3. Severin was kept in the dark and because of that Levant feels guilty he gave him his sword
4. Levant is impotent because he made a deal with the slyphs in creating Levatine (because of Yli's intro)
5. Its all about power struggle and manipulation, the 6 characters will eventually go to the outer realms being assign as noble companion for the queens child, hiding because of scandal.

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