Willpower Amulets Broken? Interacting with Yli Passive?

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Willpower Amulets Broken? Interacting with Yli Passive?

Post#1 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:27 am

Mac OS X 10.9.5

So far I've observed this on both my Lucienne playthrough and my Cammile playthrough. After I equip Willpower Amulets and begin an encounter, I find that my party members have more SP than they should.

I've only observed this when Ylianne is in the party with her party-wide +1 SP passive. For instance, Ylianne and Lucienne both have one Amulet equipped, Lucienne starts with 9 SP, and Ylianne starts with 6.

Can provide screenshots if needed.

Edit: Now I've also seen this error without Ylianne in the party. I equipped Lucienne with two Willpower Amulets, expecting her to enter combat with 5 SP. Instead, she started with 8.

Edit: And again with only one Amulet.

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Re: Willpower Amulets Broken? Interacting with Yli Passive?

Post#2 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:39 am

Will power amulets increase 1 SP per battle after they are equipped..

SO even if you equip 1 will power amulet,
1st battle: +1 SP (4)
2nd battle: +2SP (5)
3rd battle: +3SP (6)
and so on till 6th battle: +6 SP (total 9SP which is the maximum.. shows up as 9/8 SP)

From the 7th battle onward, there is a bug... usually it starts at 9SP but, sometimes, the SP resets to zero! and you cannot use any actions till SP builds up..

Once you get will power amulets, Yli's passive of +1SP becomes less useful.. You are better off using +25 initiative and regeneration....

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