Options menu freezes the game

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Options menu freezes the game

Post#1 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:50 pm

The issue
I'm having an issue when I try to open the options menu:
- When I start the game and try to enter the options menu from the game's main menu (before loading a save), the screen goes completely black and the game doesn't respond anymore. The music is still playing in the background, but I have to force-quit using Alt+F4.
- When I start the game and load a save and THEN enter the options menu, I get this screen: http://i.imgur.com/vhA3yMb.png; as before, at that point the game doesn't respond to anything (Escape, B/cancel on the Controller, etc) anymore, but the music is still playing. Again, I have to quit the game using Alt+F4.
- The issue is 100% reproducable ("happens every time").

What I did before noticing the issue
To be honest, it might be hard to track this. I bought the game on August 10, played it for for a bit (~40 minutes), then I didn't touch it for a while. It's been installed the whole time and it shows up in GOG Galaxy. I think at some point the game automatically updated itself via GOG Galaxy to v1.0.11, I don't think I did that manually.

Last Sunday (October 25) my router broke, so I had no internet connection. I thought "perfect time to go play some single player game", fired up GOG Galaxy and started playing CTON (I know for a fact that the game was v1.0.11 at that point, I remember seeing the version in GOG Galaxy). That's when I noticed the issues with the Options menu.

I figured that maybe the Options menu required internet access for some reason, but now that I'm back online, the issue persists.

I can play the game just fine btw - I've played for 3-4 hours so far with no problems, as long as I don't enter the Options menu.

I believe that I entered the Options menu just fine when I first bought and played the game, because checking out the Options is the first thing I always do whenever I start a new game. I can't say with absolute certainty though.

My specs
- OS: Win7 x64 Ultimate, EN_US
- GFX: AMD Radeon R9 270x
- Platform: Bought the game on GOG, playing via GOG Galaxy

If you need to know anything else, let me know.

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